Seven must-know facts for creating a successful recruitment process

A recent 2016 Candidate Behaviour Study from CareerBuilder has identified the seven key take-aways for companies and managers to create a more efficient recruitment process. “It’s important to remember that the candidate experience starts from the very first click and can impact how effectively a company is able to recruit quality candidates, the popularity of its employer […]

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Bosses behaving badly – what is HR to do?

It is common knowledge that strong leadership one of the key drivers for organisational success, so what happens when your leader is behaving badly? Aside from potentially bringing the organisation into disrepute or putting a dent in the balance sheet, the collateral damage of negative leadership can be devastating to a workplace. Hostile workplaces can […]

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How to fire someone without destroying their self esteem

Telling an employee they’re fired, no matter how much you like or dislike them, is never an easy task for the HR manager. Such a delicate situation needs to be managed carefully to avoid creating additional distress or potential psychological trauma for the employee. Trying to soften the blow by saying “Hey mate I don’t […]

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